Human Population

The Central Statistics Office conducts the population census. Census results are essential tools for effective policy, planning and decision making purposes. The greatest strength of the census is the provision of detailed population figures at local level. The census is also the only means of accurately measuring the exact extent of migration.

Animal Population

Statistics detailing animal populations may be accessed via the Department of Agriculture's website above.
The Compendium of Irish Agricultural Statistics, found in the Publications section, provides detailed tables of the numbers of cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry in the country in addition to numerous other statistical tables including the rural and urban human population. More detailed information on the type and distribution of cattle, sheep and goats may be found in the Animal Identification & Movement (AIM) Bovine Statistics Report and the Sheep and Goat Census (under Animal Health and Welfare section).

Zoonoses Reports

Zoonoses data are compiled and submitted to the European Food Safety Authority each year by a number of Irish Government departments and agencies under Directive 2003/99/EC on the monitoring of zoonoses and zoonotic agents.

What are Zoonoses